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Vehicle Impact Reconstruction Fort Worth

Vehicle Impact Reconstruction Fort Worth

Vehicle impact reconstruction in Fort Worth involves more than just a vehicle. Automobiles crash into businesses and homes with alarming consequences. Texas Pride helps return damage to your electric, plumbing, framing, walls, and siding to their former glory.

What happens when a car collides with my building?

Automobiles are not light. The average light vehicle alone weighs 3800 pounds or 460 pounds more than only 20 years ago.

Mass and acceleration create a force as a vehicle collides with your home or business, breaking pipes, severing wires, and damaging walls. Some of the damage we inspect for when in such an incident includes:

  • Damage to pipes
  • Damage to walls and siding
  • Damage to your roof
  • Damage to framing
  • Damage to gas mains
  • Water damage from broken plumbing

Our high-quality subcontractors and house crew are ready to respond in an emergency. Do not rely on intuition and your own eye alone.

Get your home back to working order

Restoration projects are difficult. It may not be entirely cost-effective to remove all signs of damage, but your home can almost always be repaired to a state where the accident is unnoticeable.

You need to deal with every aspect of your home in a collision. This quickly creates cost as multiple repairs are made instead of a single large, all-inclusive restoration.

Does car insurance cover damage to my property?

 Most states, including Texas, require property damage liability. This type of coverage helps cover the cost of damage to a vehicle or property.

Unless, the offending vehicle was your own or uninsured, you are likely to be covered in the event of damage. Texas law requires coverage up to $25000 solely for property damage under the 30/60/25 law.

Why would I use my home insurance to cover a vehicle collision with my property?

A collision with your property may be extensive. The extent of damage might extend beyond the room of impact and to major infrastructure throughout your home.

If a driver does not carry enough coverage to protect your home, you have two choices. Legal battles are protracted and often leave homeowners with very little while filing a claim with your insurance company often covers everything from home damage to your furniture. This may leave your own insurance as your only option.

What should I do if a car collides with my home?

Once a car collides with your home, contact an engineer as fast as possible. This will give you a full understanding of the extent of damage to your home.

While you should seek out estimates for the damage, this can impair the quality of your repair. Insurance companies seek to pay the lowest possible rate for any damage. Instead, seek only estimates you trust as doing otherwise may result in a bidding war that can leave you paying more while receiving less.

Avoiding failures in your restoration project

Restoration is an intricate process requiring multiple contractors. Repairing complicated systems means juggling many schedules beyond your own in an order that ensures your project completes successfully.

Nearly 20 percent of construction projects fail due to improper management. An expert can help you avoid a potential disaster by taking care of every aspect while making sure that construction occurs correctly, on time, and on budget.

Is there a company that can help me when a car collides with my home?

A car collision is damaging to your home value and should not create a permanent issue. Texas Pride Restoration seeks to provide quality services that restore your home by:

  • Dealing with insurance companies to assure that you pay as little as possible for another person’s mistake
  • Ensuring that repairs occur with proper permits from Fort Worth
  • Helping you to understand the best path to repair your home
  • Dealing with contractors to get repairs done

We want to make the process of restoration as easy as possible and will go the extra mile to help you avoid unwarranted costs. Our professionals understand laws surrounding construction, insurance, construction, and project management.

Vehicle Impact Restoration in Fort Worth

Vehicle impact restoration requires knowing the law and begin able to deal with contractors, subcontracts, and insurance companies at an intimate level. A collision is a devastating event.

Do not let another person’s mistake damage your home value and your wallet. Texas Pride Restoration works with you and every other group attached to your home to get the job done right the first time so you can rest easy.

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