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Pro Drywall Contractors specializes in drywall contracting in newly built residential homes, additions, basements, remodels, and repairs. We also cover small commercial work including: steel stud framing, insulating, sheetrock installation and finishing.

Pro Drywall Contractors is owned and operated by Brody Kline. The website was re-established in 2015 but the experience is generations old! Brody has 20+ years of "on-the-books" residential drywall contracting experience (as of 2016). He is a second generation drywall contractor that has been around the trade for even longer.

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A Free Drywall Estimate, drywall materials stocked, drywall hung, taped, coated, and sanded. Jobsites are then cleaned and ready for the next phase of the project to move in. Pro Drywall Contractors uses all top quality materials which includes the No Coat Corner Bead. It's the best corner bead on the market. Watch this video to see why no other corner bead compares to No Coats'.

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Pro Drywall Contractors completes another new residential house.  The house located on Peachwood Dr. Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.  It had 220 sheets with 8'6" high ceilings.  Pictures can be viewed at:

York County, PA Drywall Contractors - Specializing in drywall contracting of newly constructed residential homes, additions, basements, remodels, and repairs built in York County, PA. We also cover small commercial work including: steel stud framing, insulating, sheetrock installation and finishing.  Learn more at

Sheetrock Repair - Specializing in Sheetrock Repairs of Residential Homes built in York County, Pennsylvania and Commercial Businesses. Whether you had a leak, hit the wall moving an appliance/firniture or had the fun experience of finding one of those highly qualified "handyman", it can be repaired. Some repair jobs can be completed in as little as 2 days by a professional drywall contractor.

Basement Drywall installation and finishing is a great way to add value to your home and living space. However, if it is not done right it can and will be more of a head ache than anything. Drywall is one of the most contracted out trades next to plumbing and electrical work, for a reason. The reason the drywall gets contracted out usually comes down to the finishing. Many people think they can correctly hang the board but that fact of the matter is: until you can finish like a pro, you have no idea how good your hanging is. Too many times people think they are saving money by hanging it themselves only to have to pay more for the finisher to fix the hanging, basically balancing it out. The real problem is: without ripping out the drywall sometimes there is no way to truly fix it....... More can be read at

A Level 5 Finish is the highest level drywall finish there is. Most projects are a level 4 finish. In a level 5 finish the entire sheetrock is coated similar to plastering. The purpose is to create the smoothest wall possible, which it does. Many of the drywall contractors who push for a texture simply do NOT want to sand and if the second coat is put on good enough there is no need for a third coat, which is why many push for textures. The other major reason textures are pushed for is it hides imperfections by creating imperfections everywhere. Which is the total opposite of a Level 5 Finish!

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